Azonprinter launched new Azon BOXER – the best packaging solution for printing up to 300mm

Azonprinter launched new Azon Direct to Substrate printer – BOXER with printing size of 420x 600mm and ability to print directly on a wide range of materials and objects with superb adhesion of ink. Azon DTS is a digital all-purpose flatbed printer that prints directly on materials like plastic, wood, stone, steel, anodize aluminum, glass, leather, etc.


Azon BOXER now allows you to print on any type of material up to incredible 300 mm in height. This enhanced solution is providing you various printing possibilities and the perfect answer to increasing market demands for more personalized services and products. With Azon BOXER, you have an unlimited variety of different prints and designs that you can apply to the package of your products. Printing on finished packaging items such as shoe boxes, gift boxes, wooden hamper boxes, bottle boxes, lunch boxes are just some of possible application possibilities.


Azon BOXERS is an excellent solution for gift retailers, fast sign and copier shops, photo labs, museums, etc. The reproduction quality of true 1440 dpi satisfies even the most demanding fields like photo and paintings reproduction. This is the ideal solution for the packaging industry. Azon BOXER is simplifying the process of creating innovative packaging solutions making it easier, more efficient and less expensive than with other existing technologies. It is very easy to use and it has a high profit return.