AZON RAZOR Hale – most innovative UV small format printer ready to be launched

Azonprinter proudly presents Azon Razor Hale, new revolutionary model for its well-known series of UV product line. Azon Razor Hale utilizes the printable surface 290 x 800mm to print directly onto any type of material like PET, ABS, polycarbonate, TPU, wood, stone, glass, canvas, ceramic, leather and other soft materials up to 200 mm height. Extraordinary resolution of 2880 dpi delivers outstanding image quality in all print models and materials.

Azon Razor Hale is combining more superior laser auto heights sensor adjustment. Improved vertical movement achieved with one motor provides more precise, faster and secure operating. Always striving to meet versatile requests of our customers, Azon RAZOR HALE comes with optional ink systems, with cartridges of 220ml and 500ml bulk-ink system. In order to maintain accurate high-quality printing even during long production runs, Azonprinter incorporated six specially designed bulk ink tanks with monitoring sensors which are built to meet the demands of high volume operations. New ink recirculation improves effective ink usage and provides more consistent white layer. Ink consumption is reduced while less maintenance secures easy and user-friendly usage of Azon Razor Hale.
UV TurboJet inks which will be available for the new Azon Razor Hale are improving the quality of print. Exceptional ink adhesion provides vibrant and colorful prints on any type of material: stone, glass, wood, plastic, and canvas regardless for indoor or outdoor use.

Azonprinter launched the perfect fit, so far a complete full-featured Azon RIP software and it is offering different features, tools and add-ons like printing up to 5 layers in inline mode depending on resolution, fading and changing the number of used nozzles, creating emboss or raised print up to 2mm allowing customers on that way to print any ADA- compliant and Braille script standard requested.


The possibilities of digital printing have been doubled with a specially designed rotary adapter. Print on cylindrical and cone objects such as beer and wine glasses, cups, candles, tube, cans, tanks, vases, awards and much more. Rotax makes cylindrical printing efficient and precise by delivering both white and full-color prints. Azon Razor Hale is most versatile and complete solution for customers who are ready to meet new business opportunities.