DTS GRANDE- welcomes innovative DTS technology in bigger format


Endless possibilities of printing on any kind of material

Azon DTS Grande is new revolutionary direct to substrate digital all-purpose flatbed inkjet printer. Designed especially for printing on organic materials, this printer can produce beautiful full-color prints on all media and materials like anodised aluminium, leather, canvas, plastic, wood etc. It is very easy to use and has a high-profit return. Azon Grande will meet any high volume printing requirements with its printable surface 600 x 750 mm and outstanding, razor – sharp 2880 dpi resolution and wide color range to satisfy even the most demanding printing applications.

Integrated platform for changing the surface tension

Innovative technology provides long-lasting and full-color prints on any type of organic materials. Integrated platform for changing the surface tension of the material represents innovation in printing industry. While UV-ink based printing solutions leave ink on the material surface and have a tendency to crack, DTS Grande and its technology are delivering maximum ink adhesion. Thanks to this innovative printing process, the material retains its natural elasticity and achieves high-quality industrial standard with vibrancy and longevity of printed colors.

Capabilities for handling a wide range of applications

Direct to substrate printing is just like it sounds, it allows printing directly from your digital file onto the chosen substrate. Along with exceptional results achieved on anodised aluminium and leather, DTS Grande prints on any material like wood, stone, canvas, plastic, etc. This technology allows a graphic image or sign to be printed directly on the wide range of materials and objects with superb adhesion of ink. Azon DTS Grande allows designers and manufacturers to create leather goods with consistent, durable graphics on leather. Printing up to 100mm in height allows printing even finished leather items as well as non-tailored leather pieces. In terms of printing on anodised aluminium possibilities are numerous like: printing on industrial components, identification plates, office plates, outdoor and indoor signage like hiking and cycling roadmaps, instruction and orientation panels for corporate and public buildings and much more.

Efficient ink system

DTS Grande used high-quality dye-ink (low viscosity gel) which is easily absorbed into the pores of material after preheating. Standard configuration is CMYK+ LC LM LK LLK for achieving a wide spectrum of colors and providing a color vibrancy of any desired image or effect on the printed material. Closed ink system holds 220ml cartridges and secures reliable ink circulation during the printing operation.

Meeting versatile market requirements

With DTS Grande it is possible to create truly unique custom leather pieces – one piece at a time – or do large production runs – footwear, furniture, book cover, car seat cover, clothing, accessories and so much more. Interior decorators, architects, fashion designers, print professionals are just some of those who will find the ideal solution in this innovative digital inkjet solution and generate lucrative, highly targeted business leads. Creative possibilities are extending on the signage industry and industrial components and systems as anodized aluminum is widely speeded as printing material.



Printing method Ink-jet (Piezo 180 nozzles per channel)
Printing size Max 600 mm x 750 mm, max thickness 100 mm
Ink – curing unit Infrared lamps
Printing resolution Max 2880 dpi
Power requirements AC 100/230 V, 1.8 A, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 2200 Standby 60.5 W
Environment conditions Temperature 20 to 30°C, Relative humidity 45% to 80%
Printer software Azon RIP
Acoustic noise level During operation: 60 dB (A) or less
Physical dimensions (LxWxH) 1310 x 1200 x 820 mm; 230kg