Welcome to Azonprinter

We’re an award winning Croatian based digital printer factory. We don’t have a style — we have standards.

Timeless Design in Every Detail

We will design long-lasting products  stay true to the traditional Azon design identity. Our new products have a timeless design that stays true to the clean, stylish lines of our traditional Azon products, whilst also allowing for the housing of new technology. High-grade materials, precise construction, expert craftsmanship, as well as dignified colors and texture all combine to create the prestigious center piece of any printing environment.

Integrating heritage and new innovations to create Azonprinter' core design values

The passion and detail that go into creating Azon products are not only confined to technological innovations. When it comes to design, the passion is preserved by focusing on a well-engineered body construction that complements and enhances the technology inside. High-grade components are used for even the smallest elements. Furthermore, the dignified colors and form of the equipment will surely help to create a prestigious aura wherever it is placed.

Never Ending Pursuit for Perfection through Innovation

Since the birth of Azon in 1993, we have pursued and achieved many ‘world’s firsts’, and delivered attractive, innovative printing products to the world. The rejuvenated Azon team will bring to the table an untiring effort for improvement surpassing what has previously been achieved. Our company invested extensive research resources in Azon, which led to the emergence of unique technologies.